Friday, September 25, 2009

10 Tips for Better Photography!

1.Don’t have a tripod?
Set your camera on a bean bag.
2.Shooting in Rain?
To avoid getting your camera wet use a ziplock plastic bag.
3.Want to shoot close-ups but don’t want to spend the money on a new macro lens?
Buy a reversal ring. They cost anywhere from $10 to $30.
4.Do you have old lenses that do not fit on your new camera?
There are adaptor rings out there now that will make it so you can put almost any lens on any camera. I have one that allows me to but a Hasselblad lens on a Canon digital camera (Don’t know what a Hasselblad is? Google it.).
5.Need a reflector for a photo shoot?
Wear a white t-shirt and use yourself as a reflector. Or  aluminum foil on a peice of cardboard works great. A small one can be used to lighten the shadows of a flower.
6.Speaking of flowers, do you have an ugly background behind the flower?  Take a piece of colored paper and place it on the background, or use an 8x10 print of a photo you have taken to liven it up a bit!
7. Do you worry that you are going to scratch up a nice lens when putting it in a back pack or bag?  Wrap it in a sock.
8.Want to create a soft focus look?
Use an old pair of pantyhose over the lens. White will look diffent than black or nude so have fun experimenting.
9. Need some software to edit photos?
Download Picassa 3 for free and start to experiment.
10. Want to become a better photographer?
Be patient, go out and do it, and keep on learning!  You will never get good if you just wish for it :)

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