Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Lesson on How to use Depth of Field

This post is for Frank.
Here is what he wrote:

"Mr Johnson, good stuff here. I found myself taking some notes to take with me the next time I go out to shoot. You make some excellent points and you made me realize some things that I was doing wrong. Filling the frame lesson was actually an “a ha” moment for me.
I learned about your site from “notshootingonauto”. I have just moved from auto mode to aperture priority. Still trying to figure out what fstops to use for what situation but I see you
have outlined some good guidelines.
Pls don’t stop your training, it is helping me bigtime."

Well, here is the answer to help you out. I will be breaking it into a few posts so that it is easier to follow.
I will first tackle the fstop you would use to photograph landscapes. So, you ask, which fstop should I use when photographing a landscape?
I would use f/22 or f/16 in a landscape. In a landscape I usually want everything in the photograph in focus. Using a small aperture will help to acomplish this. If you have questions on depth of field or what depth of field is, please read the post above. I have included a photo (below) that I took for an example of when you should use f/22 or f/16. Also keep in mind that with a small aperture, you will have to use a longer shutter speed. You might need to put your camera on a tripod if your shutter speed is too low. Thanks for visiting my blog and if you have any questions let me know. thanks:)

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