Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shutter Up? I Want to Know!

 So you are wondering what shutter priority is on your camera? You know, Tv or S.  Shutter priority allows the user to choose a shutter speed (like 60th of a second or 15th of a second) while letting the camera choose the aperture to ensure that the exposure is correct. It is different than manual mode because in manual mode the photographer chooses both values.
Shutter priority, when used with longer exposures, can create a motion affect. A waterfall will appear blurred and fuzzy if shot with a slow shutter speed. Panning also requires a slow shutter speed and using Tv or S on your camera can help you get this type of shot.  Shutter priority is also very useful when photographing sports. Shutter priority can also be used to "stop motion" in an image.
Shutter priority is usually abbreviated with Tv (Time Value) or S on your camera as mentioned above.
I usually don't use this mode on my camera, but if I were shooting sports I would probably use it a lot more. So, next time you are out shooting your kid's little league game, use shutter priority.
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I used Tv on  the image below. It was a 10 second exposure.

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