Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Critique #1

So, here goes....
First I would like to say that TV (initials for the artist) is a brave soul. To put your work out to be critiqued is tough and probably a little nerve racking.  Also, it has been a few days since she sent me the art. TV, I am sorry I did not get to it right away. Thanks for being patient.

On the photo above :
1.The sky is good; looks like you burnt it in. I like that it's not pure white without detail. Do remember, though, that the eye usually goes to the brightest spot in the photo first. My eyes go right past the girls and into the bright sky.
2. It's flat. The photo needs to have more contrast.  Too much grey.
3.The angle is good. I like how you are looking up at them.
4.The posing:  Arms down to the side are not good. You should have them put their hands on their hips and their weight on one leg- preferably the back leg (weight on the front leg will make the hips look big).  Maybe they could be leaning on each other. There is no connection or triangles in the shot. Work on the posing.
5. The ladder and the thing in front are distracting.  I would get rid of them. If you're trying to incorporate an architectural/ environmental element into the portrait, you need more of it. In this shot, I can't tell what it is so it just takes away from the girls.
6. Great smiles. I can tell that they were comfortable with the photographer because the expressions are nice.
7. Nice job on the flash.  Not overdone.

 Over all this pretty good.  One thing I have learned in the last 18 years as a photographer is that a subject set against a sky is a hard thing to pull off, but you also don't see a lot of portraits from this angle, so if you can make it work, it will be original and show your creativity.
How to make it better: Work on the posing and get the distractions out of the way.

On the photo above:
1. I like the pose, but wish I could see more of the subject's face, even if it's not meant to be a full-on portrait.
2. Like the last photo, this one is also flat. It needs a bit more contrast.
3.  The subject's left hand is not in a good position. I would move it behind the subject and hide it or put it on her left knee or clasped with her right hand.
4. Good job at burning in the sky.

Over all: I like this one more than the other one.  My main beef: I want to see more of the girl's face.
How to improve: more contrast.

TV. Thanks for being the first and if you want, send them to me again after you have worked on them.
If you think I am wrong in my critique, let me know. Whatever you do, keep shooting!

To all of my other readers out there, please let me and TV know what you think about these shots and keep an eye out for Critique #2 coming soon!

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