Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to make a little bit more off a wedding or portrait sitting....

Well, I was thinking the other day about all this crappy economy stuff that is going on. I hope it gets better soon, though I feel in my gut that it's here to stay for a while. Anyway,  I know a lot of photographers who are working hard to get weddings and portrait sittings and are really suffering because of the lack of work. Lets face it, photography is a luxury and when people are low on money, they cut out the stuff that is not a necessity.

So, This means  that if you are out there busting your butt as a photographer you need to get creative to get the gig. Thinking outside of the box is good and every dollar that you make is important cause you have to pay the bills.  Then I thought, why not offer a digital frame loaded with photos of the shoot you just did!  I have a wedding album that I never look at, but a digital frame sits up on the buffet all the time!  This might be an extra money-maker for you! Anyway, just a thought!

Let me know if you agree, leave a comment!

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