Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just getting out.....A recipe against stress!

Have you ever been really stressed?  The days are just beating you down and you can't seem to get your worries off your mind?  Well, I get that way.  I have a lot of big changes happening soon and I'm really stressed about them.
When my wife asked me if I wanted to go camping the other day I was not excited about it. Camping is something I usually really enjoy but this time I just really wanted to stay home.  I wasn't motivated.
 Well, we went camping.  While camping we slept in a tent while it thundered and rained all night. We were bit by mosquitos and we took the kids on a 3 mile hike to a waterfall.  My little boy fell and cut his hand open and we swam in a really cold lake. We all had a wonderful time!  I had my camera of course and got some good photos.  The whole trip was a de-stresser( is that a word?)!
Here's the thing.  When life is getting you down, go have an adventure and take your camera with you! You don't need to even go camping. Just go for a walk, or head to a park,or photograph your family and friends. I promise it will help!

Here are a few of the photos I took!

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