Friday, December 31, 2010

A Few Tips on How to Win a Photo Contest

Here are a few tips on how to win a photo contest. Winning a photo contest can be a big ego boost and can be really exciting. Today there are a lot of photo contests out there.  To find one all you have to do is go online and search.  You might even find a local photo contest if you look hard enough.
Also, don't forget about county and state fairs.

1.  Choose an interesting subject. Always remember that less is more and experiment with keeping your photo looking plain except for the subject.

2.  Look for patterns or repetition to make your photo more interesting

3.  When you are photographing, look for a reaction instead of just photographing an event.

4.  To help your photos have more impact, photography special expressions or find a beautiful location to photograph in.

5.  plan the photograph.  If you can't plan it atleast anticipate it.

6.  look at other photographs. look at what has won in the past.  After looking at others photographs, use the idea to create your own photograph using
different technique.

7.  Create a photo from anothers perspective. Photograph from a dogs perspective or a young childs perspective.

8.  Be creative.  Try new angles, different times of the day, or filters and have fun when you are shooting.

Written by Brian Johnson
"How to Win a Photo Contest"

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