Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photography From a Follower!!!

This photo was taken by Hussam Abdullah Al Tokhai.  He lives in Saudi Arabia.  He sent me this shot and asked me if I liked it. I do!  What I like about it is the great Composition.  He added the rocks in the foreground.  It's got great subltle tones also.Thanks For the Great Shot Hussam!

Info about Hussam:
Taken in Saudi Arabia ,Ad Dawadimi City
It's a swamp of water in my cousin's farm.  My name isHussam Abdullah Al Tokha.
I was born on Feb 5th 1991 , I'm 20 years old
Studying at King Saoud University and my major is Computer Science
I'm in love with photography . Canon 450D user.

Photo Info:

Canon EOS 450D
Canon EF 50mm II
S/15 second
ISO 100

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