Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Missed Opportunity. No Pictures.

This post will be short. I just wanted to tell you a little story about something I regret. Eleven years ago I got married to the most wonderful  girl.  We've had hard times and good times and we stick together. We have two great kids who I totally adore. I really love her and am really glad I didn't marry another(Don't take it personally if you are one of my old girlfriends).  That is where the story starts.  About the same time I met Amber I also met another amazing human being, her grandfather.  He is one of those guys that you just respect him because of his greatness. He is one of the toughest and kindest men I have ever met.  Amazing really.  He sacrificed so much for his family. Like me and Amber, he also had good and bad times. I remember being a little afraid of him when I met him for the first time. He sat me down and asked me what my plan was to support his granddaughter.  Really, I had no idea what I was going to do. Well, a few weeks ago Calvin(grandpa) ended up in the hospital.  His gallbladder had burst. The acid had burned a hole into his stomach lining and intestine. The doctors didn't catch it until the next morning. They rushed him into surgery.  When I found out he was in surgery, I rushed over to the hospital.  The Doctors came in after the surgery and said he was o.k. but because he had an old heart they didn't know if he would make it.  Well, he made it through the surgery!   Like I said, he's tough.  They put him in critical care for a few days and then moved him to a regular room.
He was doing good, at least that's what I thought.  A few days later he was still in severe pain. He was on lots of medication and couldn't eat.  Tubes were everywhere.  He was giving up the will to live.  Family came from all over the US and it was good to see everyone again.  Grandpa told us he didn't want to die in the hospital so after about three weeks Grandma took him home.  A week later he passed away.  I was quite upset and even though I'm 38, I shed tears.  I will really miss him. That's when I realized that I had never taken a photo of him.  How could I miss that. I knew him for 11 years! What was I thinking.  Others had photos but not me. And I'm a photographer! The reason I am writing this post is so that you don't make the same mistake.  Don't let this happen to you.  

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    I accidentally pushed the wrong button and deleted the comment. However, I had it in my email. Thank you Rapsodyb for the words. Here is what Rapsody b wrote:

    hmmmmmm....heart felt recount. I know from experience that not everything can be captured in film/digital, what he means/meant cannot be photographed and the legacy of love he gave you cannot be capture in a few frames. You had something precious few of us have and that is a kinship to a man who was powerful in his own right. You can still photograph him you know. You can if you are so inclined get an artist rendering of how you remember him. It will be your personal take on the man that stood so tall in your heart and mind. Then you can take a few shots of that rendering and play with it artistically using various mediums. It can be your personal tribute. You can even take it one step further and pen some words to each photographed renering. Just an idea.

    My paternal grandmother, one of the most influencial person in my life I have no proper photo of her yet all the greatest parts of who she was dwells within me. I sometimes wish I had a decent photograph of her however the potency of her memory, laughter, strength soon fades that wish into the background.

    thanks for the follow...