Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Learn how to get that Dreamy Look in Photos with Water!

Learn how to get that dreamy look in photos with Water!


  1. Thanks Brian, I've been trying to learn how to do this for sometime now, and this video was/is great. I'm eager to try it out.

    Sad story, I asked someone else how she made similar shots, and she suggested buying ND Filters, which I did. It's that bad I wanted to get shots like these. Previously, I knew about the shutter speed but I couldn't get the other elements to work well.

    What I'm not clear about is the IS, should it be on or off?

    Once again, thanks.

    1. Norbert, As a general rule, Image Stabilization should be turned off every time your camera is on a tripod. But, Truthfully, I never turn mine off!! Thanks for the great comment and let me know how your shots turn out!!