Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Landscape Photography Ebook That is Worth Every Penny!

I found this Ebook online and it is amazing!!  I don't personally recommend a lot of books, but this one is great! It gets my seal of approval!  I like it so much I had to write a post really quick to let 
everyone know about it.

You will learn about lighting, composition, how to set your camera, how to use hyperfocal distance for sharper photos, post processing, and a ton of other stuff!
 Pretty soon I am going to add a online store to this site soon and this book will be on it!! Check it out and if you are serious about landscape and want to get better buy it! It's only $19 so it's not expensive!

To buy it Click Here! 

Pretty soon you will know how to take pictures like these and then it's up to you to get out and practice!