Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Tip on How to Market Your Portrait Photography Business.

I decided I am going to do some videos on how to market yourself as a photographer and grow your business.  This is one of my favorite ideas that I use to grow my business.  It works very well, especially if you spend a little time on finding organizations and schools in your area.  I would start out with two or three different High schools and maybe your local Boy Scout troop.
 Make sure your coupon looks really professional.  Also, you need to have a sheet where when the kids sell your coupons they can write down the name and phone number of the buyer. That way you can follow up with a phone call. My first rule of marketing is "Don't leave it up to the customer to call you"! If you want to succeed, call them and set up the appointment.

The coupon should say something like this:
(your business name here) has teamed up with the (name of school or organization)Football Team to raise money for (what is the money going to be used for) football camp.  To support the team(your business) is offering 1/2 off the price of a photography session with the purchase of this ticket.  
Please support the (local school or organization) Football team by purchasing this coupon.
(your business phone number and email and website should also be on the coupon)
offer good through 9-2012(always have an expiration date on it)

That is basically all you need to do. You will want to change the wording a little and add some photos, but it really is simple and effective!

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