Friday, May 4, 2012

LEAKED: Instagram Makes a Camera and My Rant!

HAHA!  So, I have to say that this is funny, but truthfully I LOVE Instagram! I kind get tired of photographers knocking it.  Good job you guys at Instagram. Two years of hard work for a Billion Dollars? Heck yeah, I would do it! That's Awesome!

Now, my rant.

I have received several comments on posts I have done several posts on cell phone cameras and Instagram and there is a lot of anger out there.  So, to you pro photographers who are upset because now "everyone thinks they are a photographers",get over it.  They are here to stay so you should check out of Lala land and join reality. Also, If you use vulgar language I will NOT post your comment!  Sorry for this rant but I am tired of pro's knocking the beginners because they are losing business. Everyone is a beginner at first, even a pro!  If you are losing business to "beginner" you need to accept reality and find a way to deal with it.

P.S. Comments welcome as long as you can write in a way that is understandable and not use obscenities.

One of the Comments I will not post(the cleaned up version).

This was on adroid since the beggining.Share your photo quick means every person with a phone thinks he is a photographer and they will post any @$@(I changed this) picture.Congratulations, our world is getting dumber.

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  1. Everyone with a camera is a photographer, just like everyone with a car is a driver. Also, just like a car/driver; there are pros and beginners. Not everyone that has a car thinks they can take it to NASCAR and win; (we know they have skills we will never have and are worth what they make as are pro photographers)but non pros can be really good at the skill set they have. I would warn against a pro being arrogant towards others thinking you are better. If a pro is losing business to beginners, maybe they're not as much of a pro as they thought they were; and should concentrate less on complaining and more on becoming better at their trade. Cell phone cameras should not and do not make pros any less of a pro. It's just another tool to be great with.


  2. I have never used Instagram. Wondering what I'm missing...