Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo Tips and Tutorial: How to Take Outdoor Portraits

Great Photography Tips on how to take outdoor portriats!! I used this technique tonight while photographing a Family and yesterday when I shoot a Model!!

Here are some shots I took using this method!

A Beautiful Smile Always Brightens the Day.


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  1. Great video post plain and siimple, what's your opinion of using off camera flash as to on camera would that make the catch lights stronger by controlling light when you are shooting outside?

    Cheers Luke

    1. Luke, First of all, thanks for pointing this out! I would always use off camera flash over on camera flash. In fact, the only time I use on-camera flash is when I have forgotten my sync unit(which has only happened once!). I don't like the flat look that on camera flash gives and I truthfully think it looks bland and boring. The one time I did forget my slave unit, I still avoided using on camera flash by popping out my reflector. My general rule number ONE is NEVER USE ON CAMERA FLASH!!!! p.s. I might have gone overboard here, but I have to tell you that I hate on camera flash!!!!