Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photography Training: Ebook for Beginner Photographers

Photography Training-Digital Photography For The Creative Eye ebook!

Digital Photography For The Creative Eye Click Here! Only $14 dollars!
Another great book that everyone should have

This is  a great ebook to get started with learning photography.
Here are some of the things you will learn about
DSLR Photography Essentials
 Learn How Digital Camera Works
What is Digital Image & Digital Color
Understand Photography Light 
Creative Photography Techniques 
Digital Image Editing 

If you are starting out in photography and just need help with the basics this ebook will really help. 

Learn how to take better portraits

Learn about the different types of lighting

And learn the basics of Composition

Become a better photographer and all it costs is 14 dollars.  It costs less than a trip with my kids to Mcdonalds.

I look at books as an investment. I read a lot and I have become a better photographer because of continual learning. If you want to be a great photographer you need to keep learning and learning. This book is simple to understand and fun to read.

Digital Photography For The Creative Eye Click Here! Only $14 dollars!

Just so you know, I do make a little money when you purchase an ebook from this site. I need to pay the bills and support my family of 4, soon to me 5. Here's the thing though, I only recommend products that I have used myself and I feel are of the highest quality. So help support this blog and my family and become a better photographer at the same time!!  If you have questions or concerns you can shoot me an email at

Thanks, Brian
Owner of Buffaloz Photography Training and Professional Photographer

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