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PhotographyTraining: Understanding Depth of Field

PhotographyTraining: Understanding Depth of Field

When you start out in photography you usually just pick up a camera and start shooting. Then after a while you decide to learn more. You want to get better. One of the first things you need to understand is Depth of Field. It will really help improve your photography.
Basically, depth of field refers to the section of a photograph, from the nearest to the furthermost points from the camera, which appears to be in sharp focus. 
Here are some examples of Depth of field.

missoula photography school photo missoula-photography-school4_zps730ec027.jpgWhen I took this shot I was using an f/stop of f/16. The thing that controls your Depth of Field the most is Aperture. Aperture is the opening in your lens. Bigger apertures let more light into your camera and smaller Apertures let less light in. This Shot was taken with a small Aperture. A small aperture will give you more depth of field. When I shoot landscapes I will usually use a small aperture. That way I know that all of the shot will be in focus.

 photo missoula-photography-school21_zpsdc7571a8.jpg
This is an example of Shallow depth of field. This was taken with a large Aperture. It was taken at F/1.4. You can see that a lot of the background and foreground are out of focus. When shooting portraits it is a good time to use a large aperture. That way your subject stands out from the background

When you learn the basic of photography and how to set your controls you will improve and photography will become much more enjoyable!

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