Friday, September 13, 2013

When it comes to to take a leap of faith.

I have been very sporadic about posting on this blog for the last year. There is a good reason. I was overworked and exhausted. I was working a full time job(50+hours a week), running a portrait business and then running and teaching at my photography school. A few days I finally broke down. I decided to was time to change and live my dream. I quite my job yesterday. I am not scared. I know I can to this.
You might be wondering how I know. This is how.
First, photography is my passion. It is the thing I love and I live for. It makes me who I am. I can not think of what life would be without a camera in my hand.
If you want to be successful in this life you have to find your passion and do it. We are in an age where most people will never be successful. They will work hard all their life to someone else and will never have much to show for it. They will make excuses that they can't do it. They  will use their family and children as shields and someday when they are old they will regret the life they didn't live. Why, because they were afraid to follow their passion, or maybe they never looked for it. Maybe they never found what out what their passion was.
That is not me. I have know for a long time that photography is my passion but I was afraid to take the leap of faith. I have now done it.
Here is the thing. The first step is the hardest. It gets easier! Wish me luck! I will be posting more now!

Here is a shot I took of a friend last week. I just wanted to add a photo to the post and I like this one. She is a brave lady and she is a reminder to me that bravery pays off. Thanks Molly for your great example.

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  1. As a past student of yours I know you have no worries in this next step of your life. You are an amazing photographer and a awesome person. I personally see you as a mentor to me and someone that I can call a friend. I wish you nothing but the best. Looking forward to taking some more classes from you.