Saturday, November 2, 2013

Creative Film Photography

Creative Film Photography
I have always loved film photography. To me it seems like a challenge. It's exciting. I like the idea of not seeing what the photo looks like right away and I also look forward to getting film back.
Lately I have been developing my own film. I bought the supplies at my local camera shop and since it had been 20 years from the last time I had developed my own black and white film I decided I would research it a bit and make sure I remembered how to do it.
Funny thing. I am better at it now than I was 20 years ago. This might be because I am more patient when it come to putting the film on the spools. I get fewer crescents in my film and it just seems easier than it was 20 years ago.
Here is the thing. I don't have a film scanner at the moment and I am in the process of getting an enlarger to make prints. In the meantime I wanted to find a way to show my work to others. I know it has been done before but in desperation I came up with a way to get a positive image from the negative at no cost.
What I do is I take the negatives and tape them to the front of my studio window. Then with m digital I take a few shots. Then I upload them into photoshop( which I rarely use) and invert the image. This is what I get. To see more of these images you can visit my Facebook page. There is a link below. If you have questions let me know on Facebook.
Link to images on Facebook

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