Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why every photographer should have a studio.

A lot of photographers don't work in a studio. That's a good thing for the photographers who do. I know a lot of my friends will disagree and I am fine with that but having a studio can give you a big advantage over your competition.
A few benefits of having a studio are:
1.You can shoot when the weather is poor
2. You can shoot when it's too dark outside.
3. If you photograph babies you will almost always get more clients
4. You can control lighting.
5. You can get clients who want studio work.
6. It's easier to get into fashion.
7. You can set yourself apart from the competition. Most photographers don't have a studio.
8. It's fun. You can be really creative if you work at it.

Did you know that in most cities you can rent a studio or even share a studio. In fact most photographers share studios. I happen to know in Portland Oregon you can rent/share a studio for 200 dollars a month. If I get one customer it has more paid for itself.
You can even have a live in studio. If you don't want to pay for a studio you can always have one in your garage or basement, or extra room of you home or apartment.
This month I have had 5 sessions that requested studio work. I don't know a lot of other photographers around here that have studios so this is a great advantage to me.

To be fair I have to say that most clients will want portraits in a natural setting but there will always be those who want studio work. Here is the thing though, when I look at the work of the top performers on the industry, the work in studios.
Did you know that the average income for a full time photographer in the USA is $36,580.
That is not a great number. How does someone retire on that amount of income these days.
I look at my studio as an asset. Without it I would lose business and lower my income. Yes, It does cost me money but I can easily justify it.
You can set yourself apart my having a studio and learning to be creative. Don't shoot the same style as the photographer next door. Be creative, have fun and make money. That way you don't get burnt out and someday you can retire.

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