Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to be Creative.

How to be Creative.

How to be Creative. 

 Some think being creative is hard. It's not. I hear it all the time. "I'm not a creative person." Think about this and let it sink in. 

""""You can teach yourself to be creative. """
Don't believe me? I never looked at myself as creative and then when others started telling me I was I thought they were being creative. So I started thinking about creativity and how to get it. 
In my experience it is process. It's a slow process. You have to do things different and focus on it. It' s like learning to play the piano. You have to keep practicing. If you just do it once a week you will fail.
Tell you what though.... Being creative will make you happy. If you want to live a creative and artistic life and you are open to change here are a few tips to help you out. 
1. Turn off the boob tube.
Better yet, Toss it out the window. Don't let it hit someone in the head though. TV is a waste of time and it will "dumb you down." I don't watch TV anymore and I all the better for it. 
2 – Exercise everyday.
Fitness is important for brain power and the ability to focus. Not to mention, it can relieve stress. It can get rid of pain. I have had shoulder from getting in a fight when I was younger. It hurt for years. When I started to exercise and strengthen it the pain went away. I don't take pain meds for it. If it hurts I lift weights for a few minutes and the pain is gone. This helps me focus. Focus is important in creativity.
3- Study creative people and what they accomplished. 
Nuff said
4- Keep a journal- Write it with a pen and paper
Spend time making notes and writing down special moments in your life. In 6 months go back and read what you wrote. Think about how you can make this into art.  
5– Walk in the rain
it's just fun. You are creating an experience. 
6- Make 5 post cards.
The exercise is good. Think about the things that you like. don't worry about what others will think of them. 
7– Get up early and watch the sun rise.
Yes. Get out of your bed. Get up early. Spend time outside. Get away from the computer. 
8- Get out in Nature
Go camping. Unplug. Reset yourself. Take time to reflect and think about simple things. Think about joy and happiness. Think about sadness and death. Just get away and take time to think. Fresh air is good for you too so being outside can be helpful to your health.
9- listen to new music
Spend time doing new things in general. Expand your horizon. Go to a new vacation spot. Change things up. 
These are a few things you can do to become creative. Remember that with anything worthwhile it takes time and effort. Don't give up and more than anything.... Constantly think "I am creative".
Notice I didn't do 10 tips. I was being creative and different by doing 9. ;)
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