Saturday, July 30, 2016

The One Thing Most Schools Get Wrong.

In my last post  I talked about how I am changing the way I teach and set up classes. Instead of one class now I teach in week long modules
There are a few other things I am changing. In most educational institutions the success of the student is primarily put on the student. 

The thought is the idea is that the student is  personally responsible for his/her success. I agree with that but I also feel that this can idea can lead to a flawed system where teachers have reason to slack off. 

There are new guidelines that I have writing and one of them is that the teachers at SLC photoschool are just as responsible for the students success are the students are. 
One of the requirements for teachers is to be in constant contact with the students. 

Another requirement for teachers is to make sure that every student understand all of the information by the end of the course. 
The teachers are held accountable for what the students learn. 

If a student is falling behind or doesn’t understand the concepts that were taught in that weeks module the teach will offer a private lesson to the student at no extra cost

Before when I taught there were always a few students who fell through the cracks. Most of the time they had personal life issues that would take them away from a class for a week or two and by the time they returned they were behind and felt uncomfortable so they would just stop attending. It always bothered me. Others just had a harder time with a few things like understanding aperture or shutter speed and after a few weeks of not understanding it they would just stop attending. When the new classes start I have a goal. 0% dropout  and 100% completely satisfied. 100% Success rate. 0% failure. This program is brand new and I am excited to see how it goes! Now is also a great time to sign up for photography classes. i set the cost low but I can’t keep it that low forever. 

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