Friday, October 2, 2009

Where and What to Buy For My Next Camera?

I have had several questions in the last month on where and what to buy for equipment. Well, you should buy from me at very high prices so I can become a millionaire.  No really, don't buy from me. I have never been able to offer discount prices.  Here is the deal.  I always buy local, from a small camera shop. If I can't find it there I alway buy from B and H out of New York City.
When I lived in Missoula, MT, I got to know Mike and the other employees at The Dark Room on Higgins St. I even sold my Hasselblad through them. It is always nice to have friends who will help you out and I consider them my friends.
If you do not have a local camera shop, use B and H. I have worked with several other online sources and the experience left me sour.  With B and H you get a good price and great service.  I trust them.  So, buy from me at double the price, or use local, or B and H.
Now you want to know what kind of camera to buy to get started?  Hmmmm. What I would buy and what you should buy are going to be two different things. I want the Leica S2, and I really think Santa should get that for my Christmas gift. Realistically I probably won't be getting that for Xmas ( I will be lucky if I get coal).
What should you buy to get started?  I was a Canon guy and still believe that you get the best bang for your buck from getting a Canon Rebel with the kit lens and then go and buy a 50mm 1.8 lens and a 70-200 l series lens.  The Canon system is a good one to start out on.  But what about Nikon?  They are good too.  I just don't know a lot about the Nikon system since I have always used Canon.
 I now use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1K. The reason is because I am a camera snob.
Not really, I just really like Leica lenses the camera I use comes in a package with one.
I hope that answers some of your questions. Let me know if you have any questions and please leave comments and bookmark this page.  Thanks:)

Oh  here is the camera I want. It costs $23,000 for the body(then you have to buy the lenses). What a screaming deal!

Leica S2 SLR Digital Camera

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