Thursday, October 1, 2009

When Blur is a Good Thing. Dedicated to Head Bangers.

So, most of the time when a photo is blurred it is a bad thing. Well, would you say I was crazy if I said sometimes blur is a good thing? I knew it, you think I am crazy.  I am a bit, I mean I can act weird sometimes. My wife says....uh well, let's leave it at that.
Anyway, I believe that blur can be very effective if used in the right situation. Sometimes you find yourself thinking, "What am I going to do? I forgot my flash and now my photos won't turn out."
That is what happened the other night. I went to see Korean dancers. I really could have banged my head against the seat in front of me, but then the police would have asked me to leave.  I had forgotten my flash.  Instead I just figured I would make the best out of it. This is what I got:

Not too shabby eh? this was taken at f2.8 at 4 seconds.

Well, next time you get in a situation like I put myself in, don't be a head banger, just have fun and do the best you can.
I would love to hear your comments, leave a few :)


  1. Often at dance concerts and events like this, flash is not allowed, so this is good advice. Blur can also be really effective with dance to give you a sense of the motion and energy that the dancers have.

    Great photo.

  2. Excellent point Parker. Thanks for the comment.