Sunday, October 11, 2009

Building a Triangle: Composition for Two or More People.

Today our lesson is on how to photograph a family. This idea also works great for couples.  It's really simple. When posing more than one person at a time, build a pyramid.  Here is an example...

Do you see the pyramid? If you don't I have made it easier to see below. Take a look...

Now it is easier to see.  A lot of photographers will pose a couple or family standing up. I think it creates a more pleasing composition when the family (couple) is sitting.  Don't get me wrong, there are some times when a standing pose looks great, but I like it better when families and couples are sitting.  Also, traditionally the male's head should be posed above the female's head.  Notice also that I used the arm of the man in this photo to complete the triangle. This is not a perfect photo. There are a few things I could do better in this shot, but the point of this lesson is to show how to pose a family (or couple).  The idea of the triangle or pyramid can also be used in posing a person by himself or herself.  When shooting a portrait, put the subject's hands on their hips or in their pockets.  Never pose a standing person with their arms straight to their sides.  So, to wrap it up, always create a pyramid.  If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for looking and don't forget to bookmark this page:)


  1. Very helpful. I'm just learning to use a DSLR and need some basic tips for better photographs. I don't aspire to professional photography but would like my pictures for scrapbooks to be excellent. Thanks.

  2. Great tip. I used to apply this technique but haven't in a while. Thanks for the reminder!