Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The New Lumix DMC-GF1! Does it Compare to the Olympus E-P1? How About DSLR's?

Most of the camera world is excited over the upcomming release of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 digital mirco 3/4 camera (12 megapixels). The big question is: How will the GF1 will measure up to the Opympus E-p1, and how will this camera compete with DSLR’s ?
Comparing this to a DSLR is tough since I would not put this in the same catagory. There are quite a few differences. To mention a couple, it doesn’t have a mirror, or an optical viewfinder like DLSR’s. However the  GF1 does have an electronic viewfinder that is optional and attaches to the hotshoe (which gives it a step up over the e-p1 in my book). It will be interesting to see how well the autofocus works since it is based on the autofocus system of  EVF cameras.
When it comes to comparing it to the E-P1, it is easier to compare than with a DSLR.  It shares a lot of the same functions and technology. However, we will have to wait for the test results to find out who the winner is.

The price is supposed to be around $900 ( which kicks butt over the Olumpus E-p1) and is geared toward DSLR customers who don’t want the bulk of the bigger camera but still want the creativity,quality and performance.
Here is my question. Can  you call it a rangefinder? Seriously, I don’t know. With traditional rangefinders, the viewer doesn’t see through the lens.  With the electronic viewfinder, you will see through the lens. I will leave that for the marketing department to decide.
The two really big benefits for me are the fact that I can attach Leica M  lenses to this camera and the viewfinder.  You can attach the Leica lenses to the E-p1 also, but I really like the fact that the GF1 has a viewfinder. That steals the show!

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