Monday, October 19, 2009

How Do I Begin and What is the Best Way to Start a Photography Business?

Recently I have been asked what is the best way to start a photography business?  Well, there are several ways. 
Here is the thing: you need to know what you are doing to a certain extent before you to out and get paid for a job. 
So, read this blog and practice. I am serious when I say I will answer questions that I am given. So if you have a question let me know.
After you are comfortable with your camera, go out and get some experience. Build up a portfolio. Go to a wedding as a guest and just shoot away, and give the newlyweds the photos as a present (but don't get in the way of the pro photographer there).
Take photos of your kids or hubby, or the families in the neighborhood.  Do it for free and use the photos to build your portfolio.  
Start to shoot stock photography (if you don't know what this is, ask me).
Take photos of the local businesses around town. Then take them to the owner and offer to sell them the photo of their business. Go out and shoot soccer games just to get experience.  Sell the photos to the parents if you like.
Doing these things will not only build the portfolio, but will also give you more confidence.  
After you have learned how to use your camera and are more confident, go out and find some business. Put an ad on craigslist, or hand out cards. Go to bridal shops and florists. Put up posters around town, or put an ad in the high school newspaper. If you live near a college, go to the drama department and offer to do head shots for the students. 
There are lots of ways to start a photography business (I started a blog)  People are always saying they would love to own a photo business but never get around to doing it. Are you afraid of failing? If you are, that's o.k. Most people are. Remember, the first step in succeeding is to start.  

Here is a photo of a future photographer, my daughter!

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