Saturday, October 17, 2009

Travel Photography Without Traveling? I'm Serious!

Here's a good idea. You want to get into travel photography but don't have the money or time?  Well, do it from home.  You don't need to travel to sell your photos. Here is an example. I live in Southern Utah. I want to do travel photos but can't afford a trip to Japan (I really would like to take a few weeks off and visit there). But, where I live, there several national parks that are within a hundred mile radius. I could visit Zion's or Bryce Canyon.  You say you don't have any national parks near you?  Photograph your town. Now you say it is too small? Come one. I lived in Malad, Idaho, population under 3000 and I still found tons of stuff to shoot. So, there is no excuse not do travel photography. After you get a few good ones, go out and sell them. You can use the money you get from them to buy more photo equipment.  Have fun and don't forget to bookmark this site and visit often. Thanks and enjoy!

Here are a few of my "local" travel shots.


  1. Pretty--We just drove up to Kolob yesterday, we almost missed the fall leaves. The higher we went the less leaves left on trees! But we had a very nice Sunday drive. Hope to see you sometime soon--Wish your kids a Happy Halloween for us. Becky

  2. Thanks Becky. Hopefully we will see you guys soon.