Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Always Carry A Camera!

Sometimes the best photographs come when you least expect them.  You might me out on a walk or driving a short distance in your car.  Maybe you are on vacation and left your camera in the hotel room while you are swimming in the pool.  The point of all of this is that there are great opportunities to get amazing shots and if you don't have your camera with you the moment will be missed.  I have learned this the hard way.  I used to leave my camera at home while on business trips and short outings. Now I take it with me.  
When you have your camera with you, make sure it is ready. If you are driving through a big valley and an awesome sunset shows up and  you have your 300mm lens on you probably won't get the shot.  You probably want your 28mm.  What I am saying is be ready for the situation you will be in. Think about where you are going before you get there and figure out which lenses you will need if there is a shot.  
You can also choose your camera settings in advance.  Say you are driving down a dirt road and you see a huge elk on the side of the road. you have your 300mm lens( a good choice in this case) in your camera but you have it set to f/22.  You might miss the shot. If you had it set to f/8 you have a better chance to make magic happen. So, set your f/stop or ISO to the proper setting that you might need.
The whole point of this is to be like boy scouts-Be Prepared!

I took this while out on a short drive last week!

Taken at the swimming pool while on a short vacation.

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