Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to make money with old photographs!

Who couldn't use some extra money? I know I could.  Photography as a hobby can eat up a lot of cash.  So why not do a little something that helps pay for the addiction?

Here's a great idea.  Are you decent at touching up your photos?  Are you decent at using photoshop?
Well, then why not start doing Digital Restoration!  Do you have old photos around that are cracked or torn? Most people do!  Here is the thing, people pay up to 40 dollars an hour and more to have their photos retouched and fixed!  Most photographers can take a class at a junior college or at an adult learning center and learn enough to touch up photos.  You can even find on-line courses to help you learn.
Seriously, if you did 2 photos a day at 30 dollars, you would have 60 dollars a day. In a week you would make 300 dollars(a 5 day work week). Thats 1200 dollars a month extra.  Thats enough to buy a nice digital camera!   What are you waiting for. Go for it!

Here is an example. This photo is of my Great Grandfather and Grandmother. (Click on the photos to see a bigger version)



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