Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Tip- Look for Reflections

When shooting photographs reflections can really add to a picture.  Reflections on water are usually best in the early morning and before sunset when there is no breeze.  Wind usually destroys reflections so plan ahead.  You can also find reflections on glass and metal.  Remember that Polarizers cut down on reflections so use it carefully( I used a polarizer on the photo below and it looks o.k. right?).


  1. Wonderfull rural scene, with wonderfull reflections, and some goo tips. I should add that you best meter the scen on the reflection of the water, or not ?

  2. Yes, you could meter the scene on the water. When I take a meter reading I usually look for a neutral grey in the scene and then use that for my exposure. For this shot I metered off the grey part of the mountain. That is what works best for me. Thanks for the comment!