Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Idea on How to Make Money with Photography

So, I was thinking about ways to make money with photography today and I had an interesting idea. This doesn't happen every often so when it does I treasure it.
I know that this has been done with expensive art but I have never heard of a photographer doing it. So here is my big idea. First, make 30 decent sized prints of
your best work. 16x20's would probably be best.  Put them in frames and sign them.  Next, go to local businesses(Banks, Dr.offices, Hotels, Hospitals) and
 offer them a Revolving Photography Display!  Every month go around and move the photos from one business to the next.  If you charge 75 dollars a month(you could
charge more) and you have 6 businesses that you work with you will make an extra 450 dollars a month doing this(5,400 extra a year!!!)! There is some time involved
(probably 1 day a month after you get started) and also the cost of printing and framing, but other than that its all profit. You should be able to recoupe
the cost in a month or two and as a bonus, the displays might bring you extra sales or more  clients because you will have your name next to the photo! You
 could even offer to sell the photos while they are on display!  Anyway,that'my idea for the day. Does anyone else think this is a good idea??????? Can you
improve on it?????


  1. I think this is a creative idea. I'm a college student, so I'm not making too much of a living off my photography yet, (just some side coin) so I also work at a fine dining restaurant. I should start displaying my work there. I'll have a chit-chat with the boss. I have a few other locations in mind too.. thanks for the inspiration. You have some good ideas =]

  2. Love your website, lots of ideas... very resourceful...thanks

    foto scene

    1. Thank you so much for the complement! That's what I love to hear!