Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dressing for Success!

Earlier I talked about how to dress if you are in a portrait, or what to tell your clients to wear.  This can really add to the
quality of the photo and can put money in your pocket if you are the one getting paid.
Another thing that is really important is how you(the photographer) dress!
While I was on college I worked part time for a photographer as his assistant.  We shot wedding, little leagues,
and events on weekends in Missouri and Kansas.  My boss always wore a tux when shooting weddings.  He acutually bought a tux to
save on the cost of renting one. More than a few times I heard people say that it was really professional that the photographer
wore a tux.  I know that it got him business too!
Now I'm not saying that you should wear a tux to weddings, but dressing appropriate is important. It tells others that you
respect them and their special day.

Also, I live in a small town in Idaho. There are about 13,000 people in my town.  I work for a small business and image is really important.
When I go somewhere I have to make sure that I look neat and sharp.  I actually go to Walmart in slacks and a dress shirt.  If I am not
wearing slacks and a dress shirt I am at least wearing jeans that are not holey.  I you are running a small business I would suggest you give
thought to what you wear around town.  Remember Image is everything!

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