Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake is guaranteed to ruin what could be a perfect photograph. It can be a big problem when shooting with a slow shutter speed and othersituations and the smallest movement can play a huge role in making your shots blurry.

The following tips can help you reduce camera shake, giving you a much better final results

1. Use a Tripod

The biggest reason for camera shake is your own movement. If you have a tripod get your camera on that sucker. When you are shooting with a long exposure a sturdy tripod is a must for getting rid of camera shake.

2. Use a Shutter Release Cable

Even if your camera is on a tripod you can still get a bit of blurriness in your photos. Go out and buy a shutter release cable. You can buy electronic shutter releases for most cameras.

3. Use the Timer

Another way to avoid shake when you press the shutter is to use your in camera timer. Simply set your timer on your camera and step back!

4. Make Yourself Stable

If you don't have a tripod, atleast try to make yourself stable.  Lean against a tree, or wall.  Hold your breath when you press the shutter button.  Stop any movement you are making. This is not as good as having a tripod but it will help.

5. Make the Camera Stable

Set your camera on a rock, or against a wall. Carry a beanbag and place your camera on it. Use a fencepost if you are in a field.  You can even rest your camera on a table.  Use anything that is solid to steady your camera.

These are a few ways to avoid camera shake, if you can think of any others please let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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