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Photography Tips: The Most Important Thing When Starting a Business in Not Nice Equipment.

Photography Tips
The Most Important Thing When Starting a Business in Not Nice Equipment.

So, your starting out and you have limited funds. You want to buy the nice shiny new camera that all the professionals have right? You want to have all the nice lenses that make every other photographer on the planet envy you right? We all do. Showing off is fun. But you have a business to run. You want to make money at photography so you need to understand something really important. Photography equipment is not the most important thing you need when you are a start up business.
So, what is the most important thing to spend money on when you are starting a business? I mean there are a ton of things you need and if money is tight there can be a lot of pressure to get things right.
The answer is Self Promotion.  You need to let others know you are out there. Yeah, you can do a lot of free promotion these days. There are a ton of sites that can help with it but spending money on to promote yourself can be one of the best thing  you can do for your business. 
I learned the hard way. I spent years just doing everything for free. I didn't think I needed to spend money on marketing so I spent all my time on social media(which wasn't a bad thing) and what I had left I spent on equipment. The thing is I couldn't buy that much equipment because I wasn't making money. 
Then after about a year of this I started to market myself and spend a bit of money. I was surprised at the response I got! I started to make more money than I ever had before! So, I put it back into more marketing, and more marketing. Now I can afford to spend money on equipment and now when I want a lens or camera I buy the one I want, not the one I can afford.  
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Too many photographers starting out spend their money on the wrong things. I know a lot of successful photographers that started out shooting with crappy cameras. They started out with one lens or maybe a basic digital camera with no bells and whistles. That's what I did. It's o.k. You don't have to have the nicest gear to make you a great photographer! Now, go out and spend some time and money marketing so you can get the nice camera you have always wanted!!

I will be doing more posts very soon on how to market you photography business for free and where to spend your hard earned cash to get the most out of it!

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