Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photography Training: Finding Your Style

Photography Training: Finding Your Style

I must say that when I started out I thought I was ok. And I was. I was 14 and shooting my first wedding. I was using a Yashica FX-D with on camera flash. The wedding turned out pretty good and I made 300 Dollars. Not bad for a 14 year old. That was 1987.

 photo DSCF3448_zps9401ec77.jpg Even though I was proud of those shots and they were good, if I was shooting the same way now I would not be happy with myself. A lot of photographers get stuck in the one mode the learned to shoot in. They don't challenge themselves. They don't learn. They don't look. They become stagnant.

 photo DSCF3381_zpsb14f3bda.jpg I could not do that. A few months ago I looked at my work. I do good work and my clients love it. I loved it. But then I looked around at what inspired me. I realized I was not shooting what I wanted. I was not taking the images that I admired. I was taking shots that I knew I could get.

 photo DSCF3192_zpse7a26377.jpg I decided it was time for a change. So. I changed. I have decided to change my business model. I have decided to shoot the type of shots that inspire me.

 photo DSCF3149_zps22fb7379.jpg So, if you are not shooting the type of shots that inspire you maybe you should ask yourself why? I went looking for a new style. I found it on Tumblr. There were other places too but I was inspired by a specific look and a specific blog. My work does not look the same but this woman's blog was my inspiration.

These shots are some of my new work. I have gone with a more intimate idea of work and portaits. I am looking forward to this weekend. I have my first client to shoot in my new style. I will let you know how it turns out!

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