Thursday, April 4, 2013

Photography Tips:How to Be More Creative in Your Photography

Photography Tips:How to Be More Creative in Your Photography 

I have to confess something. I am behind the times. See, when I first started out in photography we had this thing called film. Remember that you oldtimers? Yeah, that is when I had teeth too. Haha! I'm kidding, well at least about some of it. I really am behind the time. I still love film and even though I shoot digital a lot I don't know much about photoshop.
 photo missoulaphotoschoolcom_zps0cc63285.jpgThat has been changing recently. I realized that to get where I want my work to go I have to know photoshop. I have now embarked on a journey to be more creative. Yeah, I'll still shoot portrait and the bread and butter stuff I need to make a living, but it doesn't excite me so I'm gonna get creative.
 photo missoula-photo-school_zpsf5b9d637.jpgThe question I had to resolve a few months ago when I realized I wasn't excited about my work was how do I go about being creative and being proud of my work again. I really haven't answered that question totally yet. I am still figuring things out. I'm still working on the look and feel I want. I'm searching.
In the quest for creativity I have a few ideas that might help you if you are in a similar situation or even just wondering out to be more creative in your photography.
1st- Don't be afraid to take risks. This is probably the most important thing. You have to be fearless. Others might not like your work,  you might not like it, but you will learn from it and if you don't try  you will never do. Try new things. I bought this program for about 5 dollars and used it to make this two images. It was really easy and if I hadn't taken a risk these two shots would not be here.  Sometimes it's go to be impulsive.
2nd- Look at other photographers work. Analyze it, research them, study them, find out everything you can about how they do it. And don't be a stalker. It's wrong. Really, If you like a certain photographer just find out how they do it. Don't copy them, but use what and how they do it to make your own look.  I have to say though that I think almost every shot has been done before so there is really no originality of anything anymore. But be yourself.
3rd-Go really big or really small. I think if you want to be a great photographer you either need to keep it really simple or really complex. In between doesn't work. Big productions and lots of photoshop and make amazing images. Simple one light film shots can be beautiful and stunning. If you decide to do it half way, it won't work. It's always best to pre-visualize and plan ahead. Draw your shot out on a piece of paper. Decided how you want to light it. Decide what the model will be wearing if you are shooting a model. If you are shooting landscape plan on the best time of day for the light.
4th- Be different- Don't be afraid to do something that no one else is doing or maybe your friends think is weird. I have always said that if you want to make it in the photography world your work shouldn't look like the everyone else's.

Be innovative. be fearless, be creative and see where it takes you!

 photo 8520835606_0607175852_c_zps0de39499.jpgBrian Johnson is the owner of Buffaloz Photography Training. He does a lot of other stuff too. He doesn't sleep an lot and is no a quest to be more creative. And just so you know he doesn't do drugs, promise.

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