Sunday, May 19, 2013

Film Vs. Digital: Which is Better?

Film Vs. Digital: Which is better?

We all have our opinions right? Yeah, we do. And this is totally my opinion. Really it's like trying to have a discussion about wether Canon or Nikon is better. We all know that Leica is the best anyway!! Haha!

O.K. Well,  here is the question, Which is better, Film or digital? I'm not going to go into the whole talk about the advantages and disadvantages of them. You all know them. People say with digital you get instant feedback and it's easy to learn. That is true. With Film you have to wait and it's a bit nerve racking for those who are unsure of getting the shot. Really, there are lots of advantages to both. So I would rather focus on the look and feel of the shot.

I wanted to know what the difference was when you compared them side to side.
So, I went out and took a few shots. I took the same shot with my digital camera and them the same shot seconds later with film. I will say that I prefer the film. The digital shots seem flat and lifeless. The film is just nicer to look at. I could say a lot more but I really want to know what you think.
I do need to mention that all the shots were touched up in Photoshop. But I should also mention that I did almost nothing to the Film shots. The most I did was maybe dodge and burn a bit and then throw a bit of softness on them. The digital were a lot more time cosuming and it's sad because I like the film shots a lot more!

Here are a few shots. Which ones do you prefer?

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