Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to become a Professional Photographer

How to become a Professional Photographer

Sometime I get really frustrated with other because it seems these day everyone one wants everything now. No one patience these days.

When doing anything great and worthwhile you should expect to put your heart and soul into it. You  should expect to sacrifice things.

The same applies to becoming a great photographer.
It takes time and patience and learning and practicing.

I tell every student that attends a workshop or class that they should be shooting every day.
I know most of them don't do it and those are the ones who will never get to work a professional photographers.

Here is what I tell them..
If you are a body builder and you work out only on Saturday for 7 hours in two months you don't get so far..
How ever if you spend one hour a day for 7 days for two months you can look and feel amazing.

This a concept that can be applied to any aspect of improving anything in your life..

There is also a statistic that says if you want to excel at anything in life do it every day for 2 years.

So you want to be a professional photographer..
Here is what you do.

1. Shoot every day. At least 20 images.
2. Work at making the shots you do today better than the ones you took yesterday.
3. Two years.
4. Be patient
5. Only positive talk. A failure is not a failure, it's a learning experience.
6. Market yourself and put your work out for others to see.

That's it!
What will you be doing in two years?

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