Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Preparing your customers for a photo shoot. {Tips for getting ready for a Boudoir Session.)

I wrote this for women who are getting ready for a boudoir Session. The original post is on another blog.
As photographers we need to prepare the customers we have.There are several reasons why you should make sure all of the customers that come to you need to have information before hand.
1. They are more comfortable with you as a photographer when you give them advice and let them know what the day will be like. 
2. You get better shots because they will bring the right things and a better attitude..
3. You are the professional photographer. When you give advice it tells then you know what you are doing. 
4. When you do theses things you will get less no-shows and more referrals.
Those are just a few of the reasons why you should make sure everyone that comes to you for a photo session has advice from you on how to dress, what to bring, and information on how the shoot will go. 

1 What lingerie should you bring
When shoot boudoir always be prepared and bring a few different pieces of lingerie. Keep in mind that that if something is too tight it might not look as good. Be comfortable with your body and choose pieces that make you feel sexy and beautiful and work with your curves. Bring pieces that are safer and a little more racey and then you can decide what works best when you arrive at the studio.
2. On the day of….
Don’t wear tight fitting clothes and like bras or  belts  because leave marks on the skin!  Make sure you wear Clean deodorant. Show up early so you have time to relax and feel comfortable. A lot of times photographer rent hotel rooms to shoot in. Make  sure you feel safe and comfortable with the photographer.
3. If you have props bring them.
Do you have hats you like or are into hunting or football? Are the photos for someone in the Military? Do you have jewelry that is special to you? If so bring them.
4. Cleavage enhancers
Bring  a pair of cleavage enhancers. They cost around £5, and fill out bras so that you get the natural-looking contours even when you are lying down.missoula-boudoir-photography
5. High heels
Bring a few pairs of shoes. High heels make you legs look amazing!
6. Stockings
Bring a few pairs and check for runs and holes before you shoot.
7.  False eyelashes
False eyelashes rock – semi-permanent ones are best. Any make-up artist should have a supply and can help you with them.
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This is me! Ikon
Hope your day was as good as mine! I teach classes at Salt Lake City School of Photography


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