Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tips for boudoir sessions. Things you need to know.(For the beautiful women)

Tips for boudoir sessions. Things you need to know.
Missoula-boudoir-photographer  1.  Be comfortable with yourself and your body.  I am a photographers and the other boudoir photographers that I know agree that this is the single most important factor in getting great shots.  Eat right, exercise, and be happy.  No one is perfect so accept the things you think are flawed because real beauty is always flawed and no one is perfect. You are perfect just the way you are. Love the life you live.  Don’t worry about me the photographer. I do this all the time. It’s another work day for me but I want to make it special for you.
2.  Get there 20 minutes early.  Don’t put stress on yourself. I know you are going to be nervous just by nature so, instead of rushing and speeding andmissoula-photographer having to deal with cops just plan to be early, You’ll be more relaxed and you more comfortable and you will have better shots. You won’t be sweaty and your hair won’t be messy and you’ll have a smile on your face instead if a ticket in your pocket.   
3.  Eat good food and drink lots of water for at least two weeks before your session.  Why? Your skin will look better, you will feel better and look healthier just to mention a few reasons.
4.  Hair! This is a special session to make you feel amazing and beautiful. You should consider having a professional do your hair and makeup before or even doing it yourself before you show up. Also make sure you bring the hair products you like and your own makeup.
5. Clear deodorant. Believe me. You don’t want white globs of deodorant in your armpits when you show up.
6.  Bring Music that you like.  You will feel more relaxed and a lot of boudoir photographers do this anyway, but if they don’t make sure you have your own. You can even ask your photographer what he/she has.
7.  Look around and find pictures and poses you like.  Do you have an idea? Share it with your photographer. You are a team and you work together to get you the shots you want. If your photographer gives you direction, listen up!  They have lots of experience and know best, and later you will be happy you listened because you will avoid the weird looking poses you can’t see from your angle.
8.  If your nervous about the whole things, bring a friend.  Here is the thing. Don’t bring them into the shoot. That’s weird. Have them stay outside . TheyMissoula-boudoir-photographer can hang out in the lobby or outside the door on in another room. If you the photographer your working with has a problem with you bringing a friend who is going to just be around.. Think twice about the photographer. You might want to find someone new.
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This is me! Ikon
Hope your day was as good as mine! I teach classes at Salt Lake City School of Photography


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