Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Seriously, It's all about having fun!

                   Seriously, you shouldn’t always be serious.

Life is about having fun and taking time to laugh.One thing that is really important when photographing a person is to connect with them. As a photography I have to do this quickly. One way is to make others laugh.
I am constantly cracking little jokes and poking fun at things to get everyone around me to relax. I wasn’t always this way. I had to learn just like anything else in life. I didn’t come naturally.
Another way you can connect with other is by looking into their eyes. I have found that most people have a hard time doing this. This also something that I had to learn and practice. So how do you learn these things.
To be funny I researched comedy and watched videos on Youtube. I practiced. I still practice and learn more every day.
To look others in the eye is harder to learn. You feel uncomfortable at first but after a lot of practice you get used to it and  you understand how important it is to look at others. I started by sitting 5 inches away from a mirror and looking into my own left eye for 20 minutes a day. I do this every day now. When I go out with friends or on dates I practice. The thing is now it’s not practice, it’s me. This one little thing has done wonders for my photography and my life.
The thing others tell  me about my photography is it seems to capture a little something different than other photographers. I like to think it’s because I look deeper into someone and try to see they soul. The only way I can do this is by connecting. If you  want to be a better photographer consider working on a few things l like the ones I mentioned above. If they helped me they can do the same for you.
Heads up. I’ll be in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland soon to teach private lessons and to shoot. Message me if your interested in either. :)
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This is me! Ikon
Hope your day was as good as mine! I teach classes at Salt Lake City School of Photography


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