Sunday, April 24, 2016

You Are Probably Doing This Wrong in Your Marketing.

I was sitting in my favorite local coffee shop this morning, The Coffee break in Salt Lake City, Utah and I took a quick shot of my cup. Truth. Coffee is my savior. I love it and I, as a photography usually photograph things I love. Quickly I uploaded the shot, did a fast edit and posted it. "The post I posted is the unedited image." I posted it on my Instagram with this caption. “Let’s head up the 101, We’ll find a small cafe’ and sit by the window laugh as everything that was beautifully planned collapses. We will sit there and smile and the simplicity of destruction.”

Six months ago I would have written, I’m down here at the Coffee break enjoying my morning cup of coffee. Or maybe would have put, Hey, don’t forget! Classes start tomorrow. I would have put a number of other things and they would have been just fine but not really. 
I’m going to explain to you something that can revolutionize you marketing. It’s simple to understand and easy to implement and it can be done quickly and it will give you amazing results so pay attention!
There are 4 levels of brain frequencies. They are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. 

When you write something you should always try to write something that grabs attention. When you write something you want to create a spark. You want to create endorphins., You want to write something that takes people out of the Theta and Delta Stages. Always try to put others in the states of Alpha and Beta. Never write or post something that puts people to sleep. One of the ways I accomplish this is to tell a short story that has mystery or adventure or some kind of movie style plot. 
This morning I could have written several numbers of things but I decided to go with world destruction and love and mystery and travel. I’m not into world destruction but the other things I do love. When others read what I wrote they think. “ I want to do that with someone I love. I want to drive up the 101 and find a cafe and get cup of coffee and laugh and have fun and who knows what is going on outside but I am safe inside with the person I love. 
It tells a story and it creates an emotion. 

If you want to be successful at marketing and writing do one thing. Make people happy. Give them beautiful emotions. Make them feel something. Just like photography and art. You can have a perfectly exposed photo and it can have the perfect composition but if it’s void of emotion and feeling its not worth anything. People don’t connect with perfection. We connect with things that make us feel . We connect with our reality. We connect with others that think like us. Be that person and you will be successful.
Note: if you want to see the edited shot it's in my Instagram

 photo 8520835606_0607175852_c_zps0de39499.jpg
This is me! Ikon
Hope your day was as good as mine! I teach classes at Salt Lake City School of Photography. Check out my website and take a class or workshop or even better, join me on a trip!


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