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The #1 Reason why photographers struggle

The #1 Reason why photographers struggle

I don’t know about you but I used to struggle. I used to work hard and take a lot of photos and I would just barely make it through the month. Does this sound familiar?

I would say:

1.Times are tough! 

2.Finding new clients is hard when there is so much competition!

3.People don’t respect photographers and people don’t want to pay them!

4.No one see photographers as valuable!


Sorry to say it but those are excuses and shitty ones at that!

I know, you're thinking.... it’s so easy to pick up a camera these days and call yourself a pro but that doesn’t make you one right?  Everyone does it! Right?

The thing is we all had to start somewhere and I was there and so were you so you have understand what if feels like. 

Hey, I’ve moved on and I don’t get mad anymore when amateurs come up to me and ask “What kind of camera do you shoot with cause your photos rock!”
 I don’t get mad because once upon a time I asked the same stupid question.

I don’t complain about photographers who change 500 dollars for  a wedding anymore either. 
 I just feel sorry for them. I know how much time they will put into it and the rate of return and Damn! They are working for pennies and I used to work for pennies.

I can also understand why some of my friends hire cheap photographers. If they work at a minimum wage job they can’t afford me. I don’t expect them to. I would be a bad friend if I did

Still, I have a passion for photography and I want to make money so I can live the life I want. I don't want to work in corner office. I don't want to work in fast food. I don't even want to be a lawyer. I think that would suck. 

 I also see photography as valuable. I know not everyone does and that's ok with me. 
 I  see myself as valuable and again, I know not everyone does and that's ok with me. 

The truth is some people see photography as a commodity and others a necessity. I’ve shot family photos that I know if a house is burning down the owners will grab the photos before they grabbed anything(except Dogs and kids I hope). They mean something and they are irreplaceable. 

  In the late 1990's I took a family photo for some friends and about 3 years later one of their sons was killed by a drunk driver. The mother messaged me just last year and told me that was their last family photo with him and how much it meant to them. It will always hang in their home. That means something. That's special. 

All that aside, I know there are  a lot of photographers who make a living doing what they love but I don’t hear about a lot of photographers how they are successful. 
Most stay quite about it.
Sure,  they will tell you all you want to know about the camera and the shutter speed they used for a specific shot but they won’t tell you how they got their customers and made their money cause if they tell you that they could lose what they have. 


Are you ready for the reason why most photographers fail?
The number one reason why photographers fail is they are disorganized. 

The are disorganized when it comes to their business and marketing. 
There you go. It's that simple! 
So solve the problem for me and tell me what to do you ask!
I will and you will be surprised at how simple it is!
 If you can do a few daily tasks and you’ll be rocking it! I’ll give you a hint before I have to head out for the day… Attract, Connect, Covert. 
This is the beginning of your marketing training. 
Stay tuned for more!

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