Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Do You Know What the Single Most Important Site on the Internet for Your Photography Business Is?

When it comes to running a business most photographer are scatterbrained. Most do a little bit of marketing here and little bit there with no idea what to really do. 
The don’t write a business plan or goals and if I asked them what they want to make in a year and how they will get there they will just throw out a number or make an un educated guess. This is not what I call a business. This is what i call a hobby.

All business comes down to one thing and I want you to remember this. A sale.

You have to eat. If you have a family they have to eat. Guess what? We're human. We all have to eat. We need shelter but I’m not talking about survival. Survival sucks!
I don’t want you just to survive. I want you to thrive. What is the point of just surviving. 

If you’re going to thrive you have to do things differently than those who survive. 

First, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe you are worth it. You have to believe you can be successful. Do you think you deserve to be successful? Most of us while growing up have heard things like, "Money is hard to come by." or "You can't always get what you want" or "I will never be wealthy" or "Being poor is honorable." 
Here is my question to you. 
Who said so?
Why did they say that?

My guess is they were poor and they had poor persons ideas about money. If you want to thrive do you listen to someone how knows how to be poor? That seems kind of backwards to me. 

You have to get that crap out of your head! It will not only hurt you but it will hurt your family. If you have children it will hurt them. It's destructive and deadly and it's a disease. 
I will go over a lot more about how to fix your belief system in a later post. For now we will focus on one of the other key ingredients you must have to get started and the answer to the question above. 
What The Single Most Important Site on the Internet for Your Photography Business is?

You have to have a hub, A hub is where you drive all of your traffic. The hub is your website!

The Single Most Important Site on the Internet for Your Photography Business is Your Website! Got it?  Are you ready to learn more because the next post is going to be interesting. If not you can find me and beat me. ;)

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