Monday, May 16, 2016

Utah! A Mecca for Photographers and Outdoor Enthusiasts!

I've photographed in a lot of place and if I had to chose my favorite state it would be Utah

This is a state full of colorful state parks and people! 

In the South you will find red rocks and desert.

In the North you will find Beautiful Forests full of tall pine trees.  

The Variety of landscapes is what makes Utah great!

One of my favorite locations to shoot in Salt Lake City is Downtown

Memory Grove Park is so easy to photography in it's feels almost like a sin to shoot there. 

Downtown Salt lake City has some great looking sky scrapers that can add great dynamics to your images so come visit and check it out!

I have to mention the coffee shops because I spend a lot of time at them and I love them!
 My favorite is The Coffee Break ! If you love coffee don't miss getting a cup for yourself in the morning! 

 If you like to shop, City Creek Center has you covered. The Gap, Apple and Tiffany & Co. are some of my favorites.

Stop in and say hi to Justin if you're having problems with your Ipad. He is a genius!


If you need a ring to propose with J.P will have you covered at Tiffany and Co! Only the best right?

From City Creek Center you can you can always take a stroll over to the Headquarters of the LDS Church and walk around Temple Square. During the summer it's filled with gardens full of beautiful flowers. They are so easy to photography it's insane! 
If you're in Salt Lake City around Christmas time you can't miss the lights. It's the best light show ever! It's a great time to pull out your tripod and shoot some night photography!

Other places  that are also within driving distance to consider for great images are:
Park City- You have to stop by my favorite clothing store Kuhl!
Lake Powell - Did you know you can rent a houseboat
The Homestead Crater  This place is just plain cool!

If you like Hiking, Camping, Skiing and snowboarding I want to warm you, this state is addictive! 

Utah is also home to some really great outdoor gear companies like Kuhl and Skullcandy too!

When you stop by Kuhl don't forget to say "Hi"
 to Jolleen and the girls. They'll make sure you taken care of and if you need a cup of coffee let them know. 

I heard that Sting has a Kuhl Jacket. Shhhh. They make the Kuhlest jacket I've ever seen!

I spent most of the winter snowboarding in Park City and at the Canyons Ski Resort. They are now combined and it's the largest ski area in the USA now. Pretty amazing!

My best day of snowboarding was in late March when a storm came through and I was in the back of Jupiter Bowl boarding through two feet of fresh untouched powder! Crazy huh?

The Sundance film Festival starts in Late January so if you want to look for movie stars this is the perfect time to come and visit Utah. Last year I almost ran right over Robert Redford( He is such a Gentleman)

Utah has more state parks than any other state in the nation. There are five total! My favorites are Zion and Escalante

The people here are friendly and easygoing. The best thing about boarding in Park City all last winter was getting to know the locals. 
You can sit down at the No Name Saloon and there are ski bums talking with their best friends who are multi millionaires. It's just neat to see!

Do you like to play a little poker or Blackjack?

Wendover is 2 hours away from Salt Lake City. It’s a heartbeat away! 

Stay at Montego Bay! It’s beautiful and the staff who work there are great! 

The thing is I've only lived here for 6 months but already I love this place. It's not perfect but I have a healthy distrusted anyone that is perfect so I will do the same with this state. 
I wonder how much more I will write about Utah next year. I'm just beginning to discover this amazing state!

Hey. If you want to know more about photography you should hit me up while you're here! I teach at SLC PhotoSchool and I would be happy to show you around!
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This is me! Ikon
Ikon lives by a highway and this evening there was construction and all the noise made it so there was not sleep to be had. He decided to stay up and write the next post so lucky you! He also decided he needs to move soon. Hey, I teach classes at Salt Lake City School of Photography. Check out my website and take a class or workshop or even better, join me on a trip! I'll be adding a Iceland trip, A European trip and workshops soon!  Hey. If you want more cool information follow me on Facebook!

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