Monday, May 16, 2016

Do These Things Everyday for 3 Months and You Will Triple Your Income!

For online marketing there are only a few things you should be doing everyday. 

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to sit in front of a computer screen all day but there is time to do it and time is when I want to triple my income in three months. 

There are several phases that businesses go through. It’s kind of life growing up. When you’re a child you’re more active and then you get to be a teen and you become social and then sometimes you become an adult and become set in your ways and then you get old and die. 
That doesn’t sound that great does it. 
Here is the point I am working on. Don’t get old and die when it comes to business. 
A growing business needs to always be youthful and exciting!
 The day you become boring is the day your business dies. 

Marketing is about one thing. Attracting!

To attract you have to be different. You do the things that other successful photographers do. 
I'll tell you what most photographers do. They talk to their other photographer friends who are struggling and complain about the market and the problems with no business and why no one hires them. 
Don't be that guy! If you to be successful do what the successful do. 
Successful photographers don't sit on the couch all day and watch The Bachelor.  
They work their ass off now so later they can do whatever the feel like. It's way cooler to watch the Bachelor in a nice home with a BMW Parked in the driveway than when you live in a duplex and drive a 89 VW Jetta. 

 Do you wonder why it’s so important to have to your now style? 
You have to be different and unique. Being unique is selling point and it differentiates you from the guy down the road. Go out and find your style! You can do this! You got this!

There is a list of things I do daily and it revolve around the main areas of marketing I have listed below. 
Do these everyday for 3 months and I am going to be an ass and not tell you what will happen because I know you are smart enough to figure it out.

Right now you are probably thinking.. Dayum! That is a lot of work.
 You hit the nail right on the head. 
Here is the thing. There are two types of work you should be doing. Hard work and smart work. If you work hard and smart soon you will just be working smart. 

If you work hard and not smart you will always be working hard. 

But it never goes away completely and you should be happy for that. (Have you ever studied what happens when you hit that magical age of retirement and stop working? You die.) My goal is to live as long as I can. That's a good goal don't you think?

Work keeps you alive. It gives you purpose and happiness and money. It’s so much better to do what you love and stay alive than do something you just do because it gets you by right? I think so. I teach photography and I take photographs for a living and It didn’t happen overnight. 
I still work hard every day to become a better photographer and more importantly a better human. I hope you are doing the same thing because it beats doing things I used to do just to get by.

The thing is you still have to do the hard work before you get to have the fun lifestyle. This world is not yet a crazy enough place to give you something you don't deserve! Always remember that!


 If I can do it so can you.   
  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)…
  2. Content marketing…
  3. Social media…
  4. Blogging…
  5. Video marketing…
  6. Paid advertising…
  7. Direct referrals…
  8. Email marketing…

Do these everyday for 3 months and you will be in a different tax bracket in three months.  Hey. I know. Taxes suck but money is good so don't let that scare you. Let it motivate you!
I mean.. What is the other option?

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