Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photography Tips: How to start out a Photography Session the Right Way.

Photography Tips: How to start out a Photography Session the Right Way

 photo photographytips_zps05aec48b.jpgHave you ever noticed that when shooting a portrait session with a family or model or almost anyone your first shots are usually the worst ones out of the bunch? I have. I will even tell the client this. They say "Ha! No, they will be fine." I know they won't. 
The reason is because at first they are neither comfortable with you nor you with them. As a professional photographer it is your job to make them feel comfortable. That is why you get paid. They want results, you want money. If you can get them to like and trust you they will buy more and you will make more. Everyone gets what they want! Everyone is happy. 
So the question is how to you get them to relax? I do several things that work well. I joke, I smile, I talk to them and if they have kids I might give them nicknames like "Miss Taylor Swift" or "Stinky" for a boy who stepped in dog poo. They laughed and we had fun. We made great photos. 
You can also start the shoot out with a fun shot. I like to have people jump up as a family. This is fun for them and you will also get a great shot most of the time. This is even something you can sell.
in the end everyone is happy and when your customers are happy they tell their friends and people they work with. If you want to grow a business fast make sure the people you photograph like you. Any good salesman know that people buy more from people they like!

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  1. This is so true! Thanks for the tips on getting everybody to warm-up a little faster and get those money shots! :-)

  2. great tips! i always love using the jump up idea. everyone loves it :)